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Enjoy a new hair care experience!

The scalp and hair fiber have their own natural protection thanks to the sebum they generate. But the use of certain aggressive products causes the hair to weaken and dry out excessively. Even in cases where we try to remove excess oil, we also remove all the original protection of our skin and cause the scalp to produce even more oil to try to protect itself again.

When we used products with silicones and other chemical substances, a layer was generated around each hair, creating an artificial sensation of silkiness, when in reality it was nothing more than an appearance.

By using a natural product, the scalp has the opportunity to regenerate and regulate itself, generating the necessary oil in your hair and allowing you to stop washing your hair every day.

At the same time, it will also remove the silicone from all previously used products, until the hair is just as it really is.

At that moment you will be able to perceive the original shine and vitality, enriching and caring for your hair thanks to the properties that each natural ingredient has.

However, this adaptation process is different for each person, both in terms of perceived sensations and duration. In general, the adaptation to the natural shampoo can last one or two weeks during which you may notice that your hair is a little rough or matted. But in some cases the adaptation is very fast and the process goes unnoticed by the person. This may depend on the products used previously, the frequency of washing, environmental factors and even certain hormonal changes.

The natural ingredients will begin to moisturize and nourish the hair fibers, neutralizing alkaline residues, restoring the natural PH, restoring the cuticle and restoring shine and softness to dry and brittle hair.

Using our solid, natural and vegan shampoos and hair conditioner is an experience of conscious consumption of environmental sustainability, the desire to return to our sources and respect for all forms of animal life.

We invite you to enjoy it. Be yourself. Be love. Be AIN.



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