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In this southern region of the planet, full of an indomitable and virgin geography, we find the plant material that constitutes the essence of our products and the ancestral knowledge that allows us to use it for hygiene and body care.

In the province of Chubut, located in Patagonia Argentina, in the south of the American continent, there is a land of magic and mystery that is an inexhaustible source of vital energy, which manifests itself in all forms of life and impacts our senses, with the essence of nature in its purest state.

In wild environments of incomparable beauty, we find native plants, fruits and flowers that grow between lakes and mountains of the Andes, such as Pañil, Salvia Patagónica and Paramela, among others (to be confirmed), which are cultivated to extract the active ingredients with which we manufacture our products.

Our Essence

AIN means love and feeling loved in the language of the Tehuelche tribes from Patagonia Argentina. We chose this name to reflect our identity because our love for nature inspires us and we feel connected to the “Patagonian soul”, an inexhaustible source of unique sensations and experiences.

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