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We are aware that our personal care products must be the vehicle for a unique experience, which begins with the sensory and ends by contributing to emotional well-being.

We seek to achieve the purest expression of Patagonian nature, capturing the vital energy of the sun and water of the Andes Mountains, which nourish the roots of native plants with whose leaves and flowers we extract the active ingredients that give rise to our products.

An incredible vision that expresses itself in aromas, textures and colors that impact our senses. In the extensive geography of the province of Chubut, three well-defined regions stand out: Peninsula Valdez on the Patagonian Atlantic coast with its impressive terrestrial and marine fauna, the Central Corridor of the Plateaus, surrounded by mysteries and contrasts, the Lagos Corridor, with its forest’s larch trees, pristine lakes, valleys and majestic mountains.

We intend to rescue the benefits of ancestral practices, which, taking advantage of the natural resources of the environment, have been able to improve the well-being of their people over the centuries.

Chubut province is the enclave of numerous communities of indigenous peoples whose history dates back 13,000 years ago. The descendants of these settlers are known as Tehuelches del Sur (Aónik'enk) and Tehuelches del Norte (Gününa Küna) and their tradition dates back 4,500 years.

On the other side of the Andes Mountains (present-day Chile) lived the ancestors of the people we know today as the Mapuche, who maintained complex social and political relationships with the Tehuelches.

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