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We adhere to the principle that business management must contribute to human and environmental development in a sustainable way, which is why respect for people, ethical values, the community and the environment is a central part of our business vision, integrating all this with the company's own management.

We also understand that corporate environmental social responsibility (ESG) policies generate a positive impact on competitiveness and productivity, as all improvements in working and social conditions in the community promote more efficient work and upward social promotion.

AIN Vegan supports the development of indigenous communities by allocating 1% of our sales revenue (to be confirmed) to provide tools, equipment, training and support for their local infrastructure.

In addition, consumers are increasingly aware of the need to support companies committed to these practices, through the choice of their products and services. Society is rapidly evolving towards responsible consumption, which privileges care for nature.


From the collection of plant material to the packaging of products, we maintain a firm commitment to care for the environment, reducing the impact of the material used in packaging and prioritizing the use of recycled materials, applying clean energy, ensuring the sustainable supply of ingredients and traceability of our products.

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